Looking for a new challenge?

Do you want to quit the corporate rat race?


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Are you looking for a better

quality of life?

Have more freedom to

choose what you earn?

Choose your own working hours?

Is this business 

for me?


If you are  friendly, reliable and hardworking then you will suit this business...

Its a simple model that can replace your corporate income!

What can I realistically earn?

This depends on how quickly you want to grow the business.  If you dont want to grow but just work on your own - in your first year you can expect £30,000 PA

What support is 


This is key to getting started and growing... 

Full support and training is given including marketing, accounting HR and  community support too.

How quickly can I get started?

You can be in business and earning in the next 14 days! If you have decided you want to jump in and get going then follow the link below - if  you have more questions please  drop us a line.

Who runs cleaning businesses? 

There are many different groups of people who operate cleaning businesses, including;

  • People who want to clean themselves and have no additional support

  • Some don't clean themselves but manage a few cleaners

  • Some have a big team of cleaners and have multiple areas

  • Others want to build a business they can then sell later on when they retire or pass onto their families.


The beauty of this business is that you can scale up or down whenever you choose. 

There are some fundamental qualities and values you will need to have to make a success in this business, these include;

  • Good people & management skills

  • Friendly and approachable

  • Reliability & honesty

  • Having attention to detail and good organisation skills

  • Basic computer skills are important too.

If you feel you feel you have these skills then why not give it a go!

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"I can’t thank Alison at MPH enough for her expert guidance with my own housekeeping enterprise.  The quality of the leads generated by MPH are second to none.  Clients are fully aware what my price structure is upfront and I get a very good idea of the type of client I am going to visit from Alison.  If a lead is not converted, it’s generally because I have decided that it’s not the type of client I want to work for.  I thought I was an excellent housekeeper and didn’t think Alison could teach me much when it came to the quality of service I provide.  Boy was I wrong!  If you stick to the extremely high standards expected and provided by My Perfect Housekeeper and follow Alison’s expert advice and great tips on how to run your business, you’ll be amazed how quickly your business will grow.  I have run my own retail businesses in both bridalwear and catering in the past but none have been as successful and profitable so quickly as this venture.   If I find a client is difficult to work for after a period of time it’s no bother at all because the leads just keep coming, leaving me to get paid for every minute I work instead of spending my time trying to generating business."

Stella Flynn

" The directors Alison & Andrew both have successful experience in business, sales & marketing (on and off line), franchising, training, building teams, they also run their own cleaning business too.


They wanted to share this simple business system to empower the every day person to take control of their futures and offer an alternative to employed life.


 This is a very simple business model that will not cost a fortune to get started - with most new business start ups you will not make a profit for 2 yrs plus! You could see money coming in within 7 days from set up! So NO big loans or over drafts are needed.

I am looking for like minded people to join in the fun!

Find out more below...

We have 50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

What is the earning potential when running your own cleaning business?

This depends on your business goals. If you want to work alone as a full time, self employed cleaner, you can turn over approximately £30 - £35k per annum.

If you want to build a bigger business and manage a team of cleaners then the sky is the limit. I know of cleaning business turning over 2 million plus PA.

We will work with you to help you meet your personal goals in business.

What support will you receive

Setting up a new business can be daunting and quite rightly so with 50% of businesses failing within 5 yrs.

We have created a turn key model that will minimise the chance of failure as we have already tried and tested it! Of course there are no guarantees in life or business as you cannot plan for the unforeseeable situations - EG: you just don't enjoy the business or you want to emigrate.

What we have learned over the past 10 yrs running a franchise company that having a support network is invaluable. When you are running your own business you need to wear many hats! including; Marketing, Accounts, Web designer, Customer services, HR to name a few. We are here to coach and guide you through any challenges.

The resources web platform allows you to work on your business with ease - explaining all aspects of  running the business. You will be part of a closed FaceBook cleaning group & have access to the coaching team.  You can call and email in any questions that crop up too.