Gum infection/ Tooth Ache - A natural solution

Hey there fams,

I wanted to share with you how I got rid of my gum infection/ tooth ache naturally.

A little while back, maybe 2 months ago I had an emergency dental procedure as a nerve was exposed and was infected. The dentist did a root canal ( without my permission). I was in excruciating pain. Since this procedure my teeth in that area haven’t been right. The irritation was more of a dull pain but bearable.

So, 2 days ago my ‘root-canal‘ tooth really started to throb!

This was my protocol to kick the infection into touch. I thought it was an infection as the gum at the top of my mouth was sore to touch.

Morning and Evening Protocol For 2 days

2 oregano capsules

1 L lysine tab

1 Amla tab

1 squirt of zinc

1 squirt of cats claw

1 Clove of garlic on the spot for a minute

The pain has gone completely. It is better than it was before the recent pain so there must have been a slight infection since the root canal.

I am keeping going with the protocol this week then ill remove the garlic & oregano caps.

( The rest is for good health).

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