6 Steps For Clean, Healthy Air In Your Home

Here Are 6 Solutions For Clean, Healthy Air In Your Home

1. Open Doors And Windows As Often As Possible

This is the easiest thing you can do, plus it’s free! This will allow fresh air to enter, circulate, and replace your stale, toxic indoor air. However, if you live in a colder climate, that may not be a sustainable option. Which is what makes number 2 a great solution.

2. Place As Many Plants Throughout Your Home As Possible This is the most natural and sustainable way to improve the quality of your indoor air. It is also the most effective and economical solution as well. If you take care of the plants, they will be a onetime purchase and can sustain you by providing many years of fresh air. I love plants, but cannot have too many because I have two cats who love eating their leaves, and knocking them over all the time. So unfortunately, I tend to go with air purifiers instead.

3. Invest In A High Quality Air Purifier My personal favourites are the air purifiers that use a HEPA filter with a silver microbe feature on it, which removes bacteria and mould spores. It also removes pet dander, VOCs, odours, and many other indoor air contaminants. From my experience, it is highly effective because I can definitely notice a difference in my house - especially in the bedroom.

4. Replace Your Whole House HVAC Filter With A HEPA Rated Replacement Filter This way your recycled air will be less toxic and will be easier to purify. By the way, HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Basically, it is a medical facility grade filter with an extremely fine sifting capability. It is often used in hospitals, aircrafts, and other places where clean and healthy air is mandatory.

5. Make Your Own Cleaning Products The next book I write is going to be about green living, which will have a chapter dedicated to this. If making your own is not an option, you can switch to all natural cleaners. Any health foods store, farmer’s market, or local co-op will have many different brands of natural, non-toxic products to choose from. There is a lot of evidence stating that toxic cleaners can make you sick and make existing symptoms worse, so it is important to switch to all natural cleaning products. You may even want to consider making your own personal care products as well, since they will have direct contact with your skin and body.

6. Consider Replacing Your Carpet With Hardwood Or Pergo Flooring This is obviously a costly and more aggressive option, but you would notice the difference immediately. This is especially helpful for people who have asthma, since carpeting harbors dust, dander, and bacteria.

Don’t let toxic indoor air make you sick. Ensuring you are breathing clean air in your living space can have an impact with many different health issues. It can even be just another element to add to the balanced and healthy living concept. With a couple simple adjustments and minor purchases, you can transform the indoor air you are breathing in no time.

What Step Are You Going To Take For Improving Your Indoor Air?

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