Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Here are many bathroom cleaning tips that you can use.

  • tub and tile

  • scrubbers & scourers

  • sink cleaners

  • toilet cleaners

  • disinfectants

  • helpful hints

The bathroom, by it's very nature, is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Mold and mildew are encouraged to thrive there as well. These bathroom cleaning tips are simple, safe and nontoxic. A lot products used in the bathroom are very harmful to people, and in the case of products containing bleach, they don't work as well as our formulas. Keep the tile clean. If you clean or squeegee the tile after each use, you won't have to risk using abrasives that can scratch the tile. Of course, with these nonabrasive formulas you needn't worry about that. But if you're in a hurry one day and grab a green scouring sponge and one of those as seen on tv nuclear fusion cleaner, quickly scrubbing away Don't use bar soap, most bar soaps have talc in them and that's what causes soap scum. Use natural liquid Castile soaps, they do not contain talc and are even good for your skin and overall health.


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