Pet feeding

You may be going out of town or just working late and you are fretting over your pets well being . Vets advise that pets are creatures of habit, happiest and healthiest when life is comfortable and straightforward with no surprises. Cats and dogs in particular may worry when they are left in a cattery or kennels.

A dog’s natural instinct when a member of their pack goes away is to guard the territory until they return. Being separated from both the territory and the pack can result in significant separation anxiety, presenting in symptoms such as pining, loss of appetite, gnawing, kennel cough, diarrhoea and self-harming.

Domestic cats may appear to be very independent but they too are territorial animals, attached to their home environment and frightened of unfamiliar places and smells. Most cats also appreciate human company – albeit on their own terms! Separation anxiety in cats who are isolated or left in a strange place can result in symptoms such as loss of appetite, spraying, scratching, hiding and excessive meowing.

When you’re away, the kindest arrangement for your pets is to leave them at home in familiar surroundings, following their usual routine.


My Perfect Housekeeper can feed and let your pets out into your garden throughout the day.